Building Dignified Homes for those experiencing Homelessness

Our Mission

Our mission at BOSS Homes is simple yet bold, to bring the construction industry into the new age with factory manufactured built on site systems. Our division BOSS Cubez is providing a scalable and efficient solution to solving the homelessness crisis. We are working hard to build dignified homes for the half a million people experiencing homelessness in the US.


Our Cubez



Unlike traditional solutions, which require months to build, our cubez are easily built on site in days and can be moved into within weeks


A personal cube with a locking door and personal storage is a dignified and a reliable stepping stone into permanent housing


Our proven experience as one of the largest cabin and shed manufacturers in the US allows us to effectively solve the houseless crisis

Our Cubez Engineered with Safety in Mind

Boss Cubez are engineered to meet fire safety standards. The Cubez are built with wall and roof panels that are made with galvanized steel on the outside and P core insulation on the inside of the panel core.  The panels are FM Certified with Class 1 fire rating which is the highest fire rating category for building materials. The Cubez are also designed with additional fire safety measures including electrical lines housed and protected inside the walls and cement board used for the floors.


These fire precautions are design engineered into every Boss Cube with the safety of residents in mind

The Difference


Cutting Edge Construction

Ditch the cranes and expensive overhead of volumetric design. We make it easy and affordable with our Built On Site Systems. All our cubez are built in the factory into modular sections that are then easily snapped together like legos. This is a proven method to build communities rapidly and affordably.


Mass manufacturing is in our DNA. Every month we produce over 10,000 cabins and sheds and know how to build at large scale. Our mission with Boss Cubez is to create a scalable solution that allows communities to be erected rapidly. With low cost manufacturing, worldwide shipping, and rapid assembly, we can get millions of people into their homes.



Since we build all our materials in house and have integrated our ground breaking Built On Site System, we are able to provide an affordable solution at 40% of the cost of quality housing alternatives from our competitors. With the same budget, you will be able to add 66% more homes in each community, giving the gift of a home to more individuals in need.


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Our cubez are engineered to meet all live in building cabin codes.  Larger units are also available with CA certified structural engineer wet stamps to meet all building structural codes. The units can be designed to be lifted by a crane or forklift and easily redeployed once assembled.

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