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Built On Site System

BOSS Cubez are built using our Built On Site System design, a modular lego block like building system. After years in the construction industry we have discovered a new way of building that is faster, more affordable, and scalable. Gone are the days of building individual layers of building materials on the job site. Or the expensive prefabricated volumetric buildings that are built in factories and shipped to site. Now you can have quality-built and long lasting communities erected in a fraction of the time


BOSS Process



Thousands of panels and structures fabricated each day



Efficiently flat packed and affordably shipped to any destination



Easily assembled in hours and days with volunteer labor


Designed to meet every need

Our years of experience and in-house modular design capabilities, allow us to build and adapt any structure to meet your needs and specifications. From door placement to structural design changes we have more variety than we could fit on this site. Looking for something you don’t see? Contact us, to design the ideal site for you.


Our cubez are engineered to meet all live in building cabin codes.  Larger units are also available with CA certified structural engineer wet stamps to meet all building structural codes. The units can be designed to be lifted by a crane or forklift and easily redeployed once assembled.

CA-structural engineer stamp (1) copy.pn

Experience a Cube

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