It's more than a Shelter

Our Mission

Our mission at BOSS Cubez is simple yet bold, to solve the housing crisis in America. This means getting as many people as possible to have a secure roof over their head. We aim to take this a step further by offering a truly dignified home for the half a million people facing houselessness in the US. We achieve this by delivering affordable and scalable Cubez that feel like stepping into a brighter tomorrow.

"Our goal is not to just get people off the street, our goal it to give people a true home so they can rest their head and begin to enter into a stable life"


Viken Ohanesian



For over 20 years, our team and associated companies have mastered building sheds, cabins, and homes utilizing the best combination of factory manufacturing building materials and on site erection. Boss Cubez was launched as a division of BOSS Homes to bring years of manufacturing and assembly expertise to address the affordable housing crisis in North America. We pride ourselves on building quality homes affordably and at mass scale.

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A Bit On Us

BOSS Cubez is a Los Angeles based company with manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, Tijuana, and Dubai. We utilize the most efficient platforms to deliver intelligent solutions to solve the houselessness crisis. Our goal is to give everyone the best quality of living and share that "welcome home" feeling.

Our Cubez

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